Development, construction and implementation of an automatic machine for filling confectionery products

Author – Piotr Klich

The engineering thesis presents the process of developing, constructing and implementing of an automatic device for stuffing confectionery products. Commercially existing devices of this type have been reviewed and briefly characterized. The selection of the electronic components was discussed and justified. An electrical diagram was designed and a circuitry based on it was made. Using CAD software, the machine structure was developed and subjected to a strength analysis. The prototype was made using 3D printing technology. The process of connecting the components of the construction as well as encountered problems with the methods of solving them have been presented. The Arduino programming platform was used to control the device, which was placed on a PCB. The paper describes significant fragments of the implemented functions in the Arduino IDE development environment. A series of functional tests were carried out, which confirmed the intended operation of the prototype and made it possible to diagnose areas for improvement.