Rector’s Grant AGH UST 2023

Rector’s Grant AGH UST 2023

The beginning of the year is the best time to take on new challenges and carry out plans. Students of our Science Club definitely agree with this!

In 2023, we will implement two projects as part of the AGH Rector’s Grant which received 100% funding. 💚🖤❤

🔊 „Modification and development of the device for the dieless drawing process”

🎯 The main goal of the project is to develop the module for the numerical analysis of the dieless drawing process with the ability to create elements with a variable cross-section along their length, modify the material clamping system and the rotation system, develop a script generating a mechanical test report using a video extensometer and implement cloud computing infrastructure.

🔊 „Modification of a Segway device designed for people with disabilities”

🎯 The final result of the project is the development of a new drive system for the device, e.g. construction of electric cell packages and replacement of the vehicle’s power supply system and modification of the algorithm used to stabilize the vehicle.